Anna Schwabroh Schauspielerin
Anna Schwabroh - Lucie segelt davon

2014 – 2015

Mammon draws blank! (Matthias Eckoldt / UA)
Role: player · Direction: Tatjana Rese
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Photography – Fiddler on the Roof (Jerry Bock after Sch. Alejchem) · Musical · Role: Zeitel · musical direction: Mathias Mönius · Direction: Tatjana Rese
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World War II for all (J. v. duffel)
Role: Helga · Direction: Swentja Krumscheidt
Scene Photos

The Transformation (F. Kafka)
Role: Grete · Direction: Anna Drechsler

Mefisto forever (K. Mann · barrel. v. T. Lanoye)
Role: Nicole Neumann · Direction: Andreas Nathusius
Pictures & Trailer

The Beggar’s Opera(J. Gay · J.Ch. Pepusch)
Role: Polly · musical direction: Thomas Wolter · Direction: Tatjana Rese


2012 – 2013

Everyone (Hugo von Hofmannsthal)
Premiere: 01. February 2013
Role: Paramour
Photos & Trailer

Woyzek reloaded (Georg Buchner)
Premiere: Friday, 23. November 2012
Role: Marie
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Puntila and his Man Matti (Bertolt Brecht)
Role: The smuggler Emma / The Cow girl
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Dr. Bizarre and the chamber of horrors! (Daniel Call)
Detmold State Theatre
A comedy-thriller with lots of singing
Role: Patience Topless / Lady Charlene Charleston
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Irma la Douce
Detmold State Theatre
Role: Irma la Douce • Regie: Tatjana Rese
Vocal coaching: Tobias Richter
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Scene Photos
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2011 – 2012

The rats (G. Captain)
Detmold State Theatre
Role: Pauline Piperkarcka Direction: Tatjana Rese
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Nathan the Wise (G.E. Lessing)
Detmold State Theatre
Role: Recha Direction: Rüdiger Pape
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Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (T. Williams)
Detmold State Theatre
Role: Mae Direction: Wolfgang Hagemann
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Ladies Night (The Full Monty)
Detmold State Theatre
Role: Glenda Direction: Andreas Kloos

Lucie sails away (after a puppet of T. Sandweg)
Detmold State Theatre Children- Youth theater Kaschlupp
Role: Lucy Direction: Valentin Stroh


2010 – 2011

A man comes into the world (M. Heckmanns)
Detmold State Theatre
Roll: Reporter, Time, Son and voice Direction: Tatjana Rese

Little Muck (In. Hauff)
Detmold State Theatre
Roll: The Moon, Cat, Sultan and distributors Direction: Esther Mushol

Moby Dick (after H. Melville)
Detmold State Theatre Children- Youth theater Kaschlupp
Roll: Peleg, Elias, Stubb, Kapitan Gardiner Direction: Stefanie Bertram

Hey Boss, I'm here! (In. Cock)
Detmold State Theatre Children- Youth theater Kaschlupp
Role: Lisa Kowalsky Direction: Marco Misgaiski



Island Comedy – or Lysistrata and NATO (R. Hochhuth, F. Fries)
Theater am Schiffbauerdamm Berlin Musical
Role: Tina musical direction: Florian Fries Direction: Heiko Stang



The White Horse Inn (Music: R. Benatzky)
See Burgtheater Kreuzlingen Operetta
Roll: Clara, Kathi Direction: Jean GRADEL
musical direction: Volker Zöbelin Choreography: Elja-Dusa Kedves


The panic (R. Spregelburd)
Lucerne Theater
Roll: Anabel, Roxana und Melina Trelles Direction: Andreas Herrmann



sagt Purple (Roman von Chimo from the frz. of H. Schmidt-Henkel)
Luzerner Theater
Role: Lila Direction: Henry Meyer



On the beach the whole wide world (S. Stephens)
Schauspielhaus Zurich
Role: Sarah Black Direction: Karin Beier

Trilogy of reunion (B. Ostrich)
Bern University of Arts Diploma production
Role: Peter / Petra Direction: Stephan Sabrowski

Shopping and Fucking (M. Ravenhill)
Factory Theatre Hamburg
Role: Gary Direction: Nils Daniel Finckh



Dream Games (Strindberg)
Luzerner Theater
Direction: Andrij Zholdak

Visions pirates – Hommage an P.P. Pasolini (A. Carpenter)
Luzerner Theater Video-Theater-Tanz-Performance.
Direction: A carpenter

Bluebeard's shadow (G. Trakl – bearb. of T. Potzger)
Frankfurt Theatertreffen German students
Role: Pope Joan Direction: F. Schubert, T. Pottger



Faust I (J.W. Goethe)
Theater Basel
Direction: Lars-Ole Walburg